Who's Who


"Who's Who"

Parish Officers at Ashow

(from 8th October)
Rev Sharon Goble

Until 8th October, please contact the
Parish Administrator of Churchwardens.

Ashow, Leek Wootton &
Mrs Audrey Rowberry
  E-mail: reader@a-lw-s.org.uk.uk
Parish Administrator
& PCC Secretary
Ashow & Stoneleigh:
Mrs Jacqui Cubitt
  Phone/Fax: 02476 415506
E-mail: admin@stoneleighchurch.co.uk
Church Warden:
Dr Stephen Harvey
  E-mail: churchwarden1@ashowchurch.co.uk
Church Warden
Mrs Kate Jones
  E-mail: churchwarden2@ashowchurch.co.uk
PCC Treasurer
Mrs Ann Gregory
  E-mail: treasurer@ashowchurch.co.uk


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